I am Areej

I have coached hundreds of Tech Leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Celebrities, Politicians, and Royalty, across 20+ industries in 10 countries.

When clients decide to work together with me, we go through well-defined process that will give them a Massive Spark, unbound energy and total authenticity in what they are up to.

I have always been drawn to strong leaders. Growing up, my father was very well connected, which meant that major players from government and commerce would regularly be at our home. While many parents may have sent the children off to bed, my father always encouraged my presence and would let me sit beside him so that I could listen to the discussions. 

I was encouraged to ask questions and anytime that I had something to say, my father would encourage the others to hear me out. 

Through listening to powerful leaders around the table, I realized from a young age that leaders were just as likely to have personal setbacks and mental blocks like anyone else. My upbringing allowed me to feel comfortable asking questions and getting to the “why” behind what powerful leaders were saying. 

When I realized that I was deeply drawn to psychology, I spent 11 years studying it it only seemed natural that my path of focus would involve those in leadership positions—individuals who were powerful and connected, yet because of their position were often emotionally disconnected and often felt alone. 

Following a rich career working with multiple organizations, I realized that I could offer more—and that I could continue to dream and help to transform the lives of leaders around the world by starting my own practice and expanding my Spark Back methodology that I had begun to employ in my previous work.
This led me to develop my practice as an Executive Coach, Business Coach, and Leadership Practice with The Spark back, a specialized boutique clinic that I began in 2016. 

I firmly believe that my knowledge, skills, and experience could be used to a better purpose, which was to help organizational management attain excellence—particularly high achievers and executive leaders.
Having applied the Spark back methods to my own life, I know firsthand that it WORKS. It’s what allows me to manage my own practice, travel and work with executives and other powerful leaders all over the world, write a book, and balance to raise my three children with my husband, maintain a positive, healthy and supportive marriage, and still manage to cook dinner and read bedtime stories to the children before bed.

Education and Accreditation
University of Jordan
Ph. D Field of Study Psychological and Educational Counseling
IPEC Coaching
CPC life and Business Coach, Certified life and Business Coach ELI- MP, Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI- MP)
Cornell University
Certified Employee Relations Specialist
International Coach Federation
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Chestnut Global Partners
Service Provider
Partner-Middle East and Africa
Owlpha-Omega GmbH


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